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About Us

Hello parents, grandparents and friends. Welcome and thankyou for taking the time to peruse our site. This small family business is founded on the all too familiar concept that one story book is never enough. Enter, ONE MORE BOOK!

I'm Katie, mum of two young kids and wife of 14 years. I believe you are never too old to fall in-love with childrens books and play. There is a huge potential for connection  when we read and play with our kids. In our home, we find reading and playing acts as a bridge for conversation and questioning.

We aim to provide quality, value and whimsical wonder with product and book box opened by little hands.

X Katie


We want to take the hassle out of shopping around for quality books and educational play products. We know how time poor we can all be and our young families are no different. We use what we know and like in our home and have developed a quality service for you and your family to enjoy.


We aim to bring the fun into reading and continue beyond the pages with mindful and sensory play. Connecting and questioning those important topics through the pages of our books and beyond. 

Let's allow the time we spend with our kids the bridge for discussion and bonding during those crucial young years of our kids lives.  

White Plants
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