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One More Book

Here at One More Book our goal is to keep the adventure going beyond the pages of our kids favourite books. Through play, kids discover, question and flourish into the little people they're born to be.  

Toys, mindfullness, affirmations & sensory play

Monthly and 3 monthly options. A great once off gift idea!

Monthly and 3 monthly options. A great gift idea!

Sale Paper Cut

Flash sale   14-16th March

30% off storewide *excludes book subscriptions

Use CODE FLASHSALE30 at checkout

Colored Eggs

Our Easter Book Box has arrived and is sure to be a hit with your little people!

You will not find any easter eggs or chocolate bunnies inside this box (of course you can add your own) but rather a few goodies that will entice small minds long after easter has passed.

Inside you will receive:
- The gorgeous 'Ethicool' paperback book 'But Why?' A non-traditional Easter Book but rather a story inspired by the boundless curiosity of children, with Hazel Hare as the main character. 🐇 Suitable from 0-10.
- Half a dozen, hand painted wooden eggs. All are eggs you may find in nature (except for the pink glitter one).
- An Easter themed peg doll family featuring a carrot and two bunnies.
- Some colouring activity sheets and a book review QR code for your little person to continue the discussion of the books themes.


We've made changes!

We have reduced the prices on our book subscription boxes by HALF. They look a bit different now, too!

Whether you're looking for a once off gift or an ongoing monthly knock at the door, we have streamlined our options.

Offering kids book boxes from $35-$45 per month, depending on the age group of your little person/people, our boxes now ONLY include books.

We have our virtual shelves for all of our amazing mindful and sensory play, but we've decided books need their own space.

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"Behind every child who believes in themselves, is a parent who believed first".

Matthew Jacobsen

Looking for ways to help make connections with the little people in your life?

Make Mud Playdough.webp

Created by my 5 year old daughter, this affirmation sticker is a great addition to a little one's daily routine.

Anchor 1

Hand-painted and gifted in their own little velvet bag, these worry dolls are sure to share those heavy feelings our little people have at times.

We stock loads of cool sensory items ranging from dried florals to slime, playdough, coloured rice and more!

Bee bomb.webp

These Flower bombs and Bee bombs are really something special. Make use of the sun this summer and with your little one, watch those natives bloom.

We have a huge range of kids picture books ranging from ages 0-2 & 3-6, with early novel for ages 7-9 .

We stock busy binders, wooden musical instruments, counting & letter discs, magnetic bookmarks, stickers and so much more! 

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